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Bostik 0720

Bonds to a wide variety of substrates at lower temperatures than
conventional hot melts.

Bostik 0720(Glue Sticks)- 1/2”x10”ea     25lbs./box

Price: $165.38

Bostik 1100FS

A one part urethane sealant that cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a
tough, flexible seal. It has tenacious adhesion to woods, metals, FRP and most plastics.

Bostik 1100FS(sealant)- Colors: Black, White, Grey;  10.1oz cartridge; 24 per box

Price: $150.00

Bostik 2200TS

Bostik 2200 TS (Transportation Sealant) is a one-component, moisture curing, adhesive/sealant that will not shrink and can be painted after skin formation resulting in the ideal characteristics for seam sealing and gap filling.

Bostik 2200TS(Hybrid Sealant)- Colors: Black, White, Grey; 10.1oz cartridge; 24 per box

Price: $156.00

Bostik 6305

Bostik 6305(Glue Sticks)- 1/2”x15”ea  25lbs./box

Price: $133.25

Bostik H1639

Offers a superior processing window and service temperature range, fast set speed with a good hot tack, and excellent thermal stability.  With water-white color and low odor, H1639 provides maximum production flexibility.

Price: $140.00

Bostik H1714

A low application temperature hot melt adhesive for case forming and sealing applications.

Price: $119.70

Bostik HM4239

A high performance polyamide based hot melt designed to bond a variety of substrates including wood, metal, and most platics; including polyvinyl chloride.  The product exhibits excellent resistance to plasticizer migration.


Price: $0.00

Bostik HMY-1505

A high performing and versatile general purpose adhesive that offers optimum production flexibility.  HMY-1505 also offers an excellent balance of heat and cold resistance for a range of shipping conditions.


Price: $105.00

Bostik Thermogrip HM6239

A long, open time polyamide hot melt designed for bonding a wide variety of substrates.  This high performance adhesive bonds wood, metal, most plastics, including PVC and exhibits excellent resistance to plasticizer migration.


Price: $0.00

Camie 100

Camie 100 Heavy Duty 6% Silicone Lubricant & Release Agent is a high solids (6%) blend of medium and high viscosity silicone fluids.  It leaves a colorless, tenacious wet film when applied and is recommended for difficult release applications (rubber molding) as well as a lubricant for rubber or applications where high friction may be encountered.





Price: $9.00

Camie 313

Camie 313 Fast Track Upholstery Adhesive is expecially formulated to bond foam-to-foam, as well as foam-to-fabric, wood, particle board, cardboard, metal and fiberglass.  Camie 313 has a web spray pattern that offers low soak-in, instant tack, is clear, and develops flexible bonds that are either temporary or permanent.


Price: $9.00

Camie 365

Camie 365 Hi-Bond High Strength Spray Adhesive is specifically formulated to bond dissimilar substrates subjected to occasional thermal stress.  Camie 365 is colorless and packaged in an aerosol dispenser with a 3-way adjustable valve.  This allows the operator to match the web spray pattern to the job at hand.  Camie 365 is both fast to tack and fast to develop green strength.


Price: $9.00

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